User Experience

Pilot is built with best in class user interface and experience.


Whether you're trading FX, equities, or futures, Pilot helps you navigate volatility in the markets.


Your privacy and security is one of our top priorities. Built with solid security in mind, Pilot does not store your private or broker information so you can breathe easy.


Trade on 3 or more lights. It's that simple. We'll send you real time notificaitons as opportunities come up.

Awesome Features

Anyone Can Trade

With Pilot that is. Take your first trade in minutes. Our design and overall user experience makes it easy to spot and trade opportunities.

Artificial Intelligence

Powered by advanced artificial intelligence to deliver real time perception and sentiment of any market.

Navigate Volatility

Pilot enables opportunity realization on the go moving at the speed of today's markets. In fact, Pilot thrives on volatility.


We’ve created demo and simulation modes so you can practice trading with Pilot risk free in a realistic market environment.


Never miss an opportunity. Our notification service makes it easy to know when to trade.


We visualize market participant emotions on each item on your watchlist and portfolio so you can see the opportunities without needing to understand charts.


The pillars of our technology

Frequently Asked Questions

Pilot is a revolutionary trading platform designed to enable algorithmic trading for everyone. We’ve spent years developing and fine-tuning high-performance algorithms, and now we want to put them in your hands. Pilot feeds off of volatility and actually excels when most traders get queasy. Pilot uses four robust and state of the art algorithms to condense and visualize complex trends in the market, allowing it to reliably predict the short and long term direction of market movements with exceptional precision. These algorithms are battle tested over the past 20 years for performance.

Pilot's subscription cost is 14.99 USD per month when logging in with any of our supported brokers. You may still use the Pilot Demo and Simulation modes free of charge to practice. Since we are not a brokerage house, every trade you make using Pilot is subject to your broker’s fee structure.

Head on over to our Pilot knowledge base and community site to learn more about each algorithm.

Anyone. All you need is a brokerage account with one of the many brokerages we work with. (AMP, Phillip Capital, Ninja Futures, Coinbase Pro and GFF Brokers)

Again, everything is managed through your brokerage accounts.

Yes! All you need is a brokerage account!

Again, since we are not a brokerage firm, that depends on what you log in with. You can login with your broker: AMP Futures, Phillip Capital, Ninja Futures, GFF, RJ O'Brien, Interactive Brokers, TradeStation, Wedbush Securities and more coming. If you’re a broker, you can email us to have your brokerage listed.

We’ve taken our algorithms and made it as simple as possible for you to trade: all you have to do is follow the signals. Four circles, two colors… The more circles that are lit up, the stronger the opportunity is.

We do not actually execute any trades. All trades are executed on your broker’s platform.

Whatever you are comfortable with. Pilot is not an investment app. It is a trading app based on artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to help you realize opportunities and trade with your broker. If you do not have a broker, there are many to chose from to sign up.

All that are offered on your broker’s exchange!

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